10 Top Remote Jobs for College Students

    10 Top Remote Jobs for College Students

    All you have to do is be a course creator and start giving online tutorials or making how-to videos for teaching purposes. The standard rate for social media marketing pays between $20 to $25 per hour. Have people told you that you are pretty good at imitating voices? Then a job that includes voiceover work, such as narrating instructional videos and stories, will be perfect for you. The development field has continued to grow in the past couple of decades and shows no signs of slowing down.

    remote summer jobs for college students

    Since all of your communications will be online and there will be no one present to keep you accountable, you’ll need to organize your time efficiently. You’ll need to chat or email your teammates frequently to stay on the same page about projects and deadlines. Having remote internship experience can be difficult to adjust to while you find your workflow, but extremely https://remotemode.net/ rewarding once you do. The research projects completed by participants are easily college-level in depth and difficulty. We have an entire guide dedicated to RSI and tips for getting in (coming soon); check it out if you’re interested in applying. Engineering summer internships for high school students are a great way to get work experience, and many pay you as well!

    English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher

    Captioners usually get paid $0.45 for every minute of video they caption. Most freelancing gigs pay up to $0.36 per minute for any audio you transcribe. Usually, a company requires words per minute with an accuracy rate of 98%.

    You’ll help writers take their prose, essay, or paper to the next level. What’s great about this job is you don’t have to be a regular employee for another company — you can work for yourself as an independent contractor. Here are some ideas to kick-start your remote college job search. Brandon Galarita is a freelance writer and K-12 educator in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips

    An online job means you can work from anywhere with an internet connection, whether you’re traveling during a school break or working from your favorite coffee shop. Having the flexibility to work from almost anywhere means you don’t have to endure traffic to get to work. Those fit the needs best remote jobs for college students of a typical college student’s profile, and they were the criteria for our research. Assists in data collection, analysis, and reporting on specific subjects or projects from a remote location. All businesses these days want to maintain a social media presence to market their brand.

    • The best way to land a freelance writing or editing gig is by doing some samples.
    • There are, of course, plenty of other types of jobs for college students, but these are some of the more common ones.
    • An advisory board of educators and other subject matter experts reviews and verifies our content to bring you trustworthy, up-to-date information.
    • You also do not need any equipment to get started since phones nowadays have excellent-quality cameras, and editing software is easily accessible online.
    • You just have to know where to look and what kinds of remote jobs for college students are out there.
    • But most of them are not aware of how to use social media platforms to their advantage.
    • You can find plenty of part-time and freelance opportunities helping small companies and individuals design and maintain their websites.

    You get to decide how you want your project to go, and whenever you need help, experts will be there to assist you. What’s more, it’s not just a place for funny cat videos or the latest viral challenge. So, if you’re interested in a marketing career, consider a job in social media. It’s well suited to remote work, and the hours are generally flexible. And as a college student, you may think you’re limited to helping other students write papers for class.

    Remote Internships for College Students: A Guide

    During the program, students receive $1,000 for project costs and are paired with at least one MIT researcher as a mentor for their project. Over the summer, participants also make an all-expenses paid, four-day visit to MIT’s campus to meet MIT professors, and other THINK participants and tour MIT labs. Freelance editing is one of the most diverse and well-paying online jobs for college students. It includes editing everything, from full-length books to short articles. You can also choose to specialize in a particular genre or topic related to your course of studies.

    • College students can get involved in the planning and execution of virtual events from anywhere.
    • Instead of coming into the office and working face-to-face, you’ll meet with team members on video calls.
    • Many times after you complete an engineering internship or course, you’ll have created a few projects, either on your own or as part of a group.
    • During the program, students receive $1,000 for project costs and are paired with at least one MIT researcher as a mentor for their project.
    • Stanford University has one of the country’s top-rated engineering programs, and, fortunately for high school students, they offer summer internships to current juniors and seniors.

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